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Probably should of posted this right to tumblr but I hope you all enjoy the info =)

Merry JDMas


Merry JDMas

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Say sumtin! Shane “Wall-E” in the goat at MDU Round 2! 

CultureD is going to be in downtown Baltimore tomorrow night shooting for BmoreDrift. Tune in to our facebook for details as events transpire.

And the lord said, let there be tire smoke.

Pilot swap! Daigo Saito in Matt Powers S14.

Credit where credit is do. This is pretty sweet. Hahaha!

Drifting through the generations! Devin Callahan (S12), Tyson Shmidt (S13), Dustin Pizzino (S14) at MDU RD2.
What it’s all about!

What it’s all about!

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—   The Stig
Oh, Stance? Yeah, We do that too. One sick crew that rolled in to check out a Driftaholic event at VIR.
In true drifter fashion, Cody Tobe Rodeo’s out after getting knocked out of MDU Round 1. Fist Pump it up!
Ryan Tuerck’s @fifteen52 custom pink n yellow sunbursts. Shot at FD Round 4: The Wall.
One more throw back from our trip out to Jersey for round 4 of Formula D. @DaiYoshihara and @VaughnGittinJr go heads up!